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Activate the sacred sweet spot where strategy, sales & marketing combined with mindset & energy work Awaken Abundance.

Business, Mindset and Energetic Coaching for the Next Level Leader

Meet Rev. Patty

Intuitive Success Strategist & Shamanic Priestess

I am Patty, welcome to my page. ​I guide mission-driven women to break free from the cycle of scarcity, settling, suffering, and sacrifice.  So you can experience true abundance and expansion

in your business and life.

If you’re ready to step into your highest level of success with fulfillment… You’re in the right place, at Awakened Bosslady. 

Ready to get out of your own way, stop the self-sabotage, and create the spacious, satisfying life you most desire?


Let’s do this together.

Picture of patty sitting in chair

How do I know I am Ready?
If any of the below sound like you, let's talk!

I want to live with confidence, clarity and courage.

I'm ready to let go of outdated beliefs & patterns.

I want to attract prosperity like never before.

I want more meaning & significance in my life

I do not feel fulfilled with the life I've created


Below are a few simple ways you can get to know me better or work with me.  Also, check out our speciality event on our menu below:


If you feel a deep pull inside—a calling for evolution, realignment, or expansion.
It's time to come home to yourself, sister.

“The walls I had built came tumbling down and what was left underneath it all is gratitude and love. Thank you Patty for being my faithful guide and facilitator! …This feels like the beginning of a new outlook, a new life!”

-Liz R. 

Divorce Attorney

Thanks to Patty, I’m learning to trust myself again. I’ve realigned my business with the work I really want to be doing in my life. I’m setting clearer boundaries, asking for what I desire, and constructing my vision from a place of clarity, confidence, and peace.”

-Cassidy D.

Songwriter & Copywriter

"After doing this work, I am ambundant in all, I am in deep gratitude of all, and I am feeling an amount of peace I have not felt before.  Thank you for everything you have taught me, guided me on, and loved me

-Laura H.

High Level Executive

Now that we are friends, follow me on IG

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