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Meet Rev. Patricia Ferreira

Intuitive Success Strategist & Shamanic Priestess

As a child of Dominican immigrants, a lifelong New Yorker, and a first-generation chain-breaker, I know what it means to feel STUCK in a certain role you’ve been playing.

For the first few decades of my adult life, I followed the path many women follow. I was…

  • The first in our family to earn a college degree

  • Married with kids by my early 20s 

  • Climbing the ladder as one of my company’s top-ranking officials.

  • Sound familiar? If so, then you might be able to guess what happened next…

     …It all felt hollow.

My work wasn’t allowing me to show up for my family the way I wanted.  My marriage was falling apartMy family was still struggling in many different ways…And the worst part—I felt completely out of touch with who I even was beneath the layers of responsibility and obligations.  

I went on feeling this way for years. I ended my marriage, started my own successful business, tried to make small shifts here and there… But still, something was off in my life.

This all came to a head when, at 49, my mother passed away.  To make a long story short, her death sent me reeling and caused me to question everything I’d ever known.  I turned inward for a long season of self-reflection and self-evaluation… and that’s when the magic started.

 I realized if I was ever going to take charge of my life—it was now. That I still had plenty of years left to achieve my destiny and create true prosperity—and that abundance and joy were my birthright.

Today, I can honestly say I’ve never been happier or more fulfilled.

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Healing & More

Healed generational traumas and longstanding family wounds.  Found a loving partner who respects me for who I really am and I was able to build a multiple-six-figure business that allows me to fulfill my purpose (supporting other women!) while creating a life of true prosperity.

That's what I want for you, too. The ability to shed what's been weighing you down and live your life out loud, in a way that makes your heart sing

Self Love Drives

Awaken Your Codes Of Self Love: Shatter Limiting Beliefs, Say Goodbye to Low Self-Worth, and Build the Confidence to Never Give Your Power Away Again!

Decipher 5 codes for success, satisfaction, and spark in your journey as a woman – and stop putting yourself at the bottom of the list!

The idea of self-sacrifice as the ultimate goal for women is a multi-generational trap – and one that can have harmful consequences for your physical and mental health.

Say “Enough!” loudly and clearly, and embark on a road to greater self-worth, self-respect, and self-love.

This book is here to accompany you every step of the way. It contains the strategies, tools, and inspirational life stories you need to reach your highest intentions.

Get ready to look inside yourself, see yourself exactly as you are, and finally value the powerful woman within.

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"The work I did with Patty, helped me to truly believe in myself and in my divine gifts and talents, helped me to overcome blocks and fears around abundance so that I can tap into my infinite potential, helped me to understand that I already possessed the necessary skills within me to become a successful entrepreneur, and empowered me with valuable tools to help manifest those desired goals and dreams in my business and life."


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