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Intuitive VIP Coaching

As a Master Intuitive, I specialize in illuminating the path to success for High Performing Career & Business Women. Together, we uncover possibilities, conquer challenges, and pave the way to innovative solutions and strategies. Intuitive Intelligence is the path to reaching new heights of achievement.

You're almost there, you've laid down some solid groundwork, you’re just a few adjustments away from unlocking a new level of grace, ease & abundance.  


It's like there's a key element missing, nudging you to discover it.


Maybe it's refining your marketing strategy...
Or perhaps it's understanding the dynamics of energy in your business...


It could even be addressing those lingering issues that need healing...


Regardless, you sense that a change is needed to fully embrace a smoother, more lucrative path forward.


Consider me your partner in this journey, ready to provide the intuitive mentorship and strategic guidance you need to reach your goals.


Discover your soul's potential and climb to new heights, bringing you profound success and fulfillment. Embrace your desires & Unlock your success.

Buddha Statue

Ok, tell me more...

The universe is always sending powerful messages to you about your business, your life and your path. You may be missing out on wisdom and opportunities to create your true purpose.


  • It’s more income. Increased profits. A steady stream of satisfied clients and customers.

  • You want to establish yourself as the go-to expert in your field. 

  • You're craving a balance between work and personal life, carving out space for the experiences you cherish. 

  • You know you're capable of it, you just need a roadmap.


As a Master Intuitive and mentor I am able to tap in, ask the right questions and gain the wisdom and clarity in order to strategize, create actionable insights and empower you on your journey.


Here’s How the Magic Gets Made

This is a high-touch, fully customized 1:1 approach intended to fast-track your business and personal growth.


Step 1: Book a call. This is where you’ll share with me your current goals, struggles, and blocks.

Step 2: We Connect and Chat. We’ll define what makes sense to work on for YOU, in your life and your business right now. No cookie-cutter curriculum, no my-way-or-the-highway approach. 

Step 3: Decide ways forward. Together we’ll choose the right path for you to accelerate your business ascension, upgrade your mindset, and break through the blocks that hold you back.


Inside, you’ll find…

Intuitive Business Guidance

  • Get clear on your audience, offer, and messaging, so you can share your transformative work with the world confidently.

  • Shift your packages, raise your rates, and create a plan to scale—even if all your work is 1:1 at the moment!

Addressing YOUR Unique Mindset traps

  • Get up close and personal with your system of beliefs, and lay down what no longer serves you—so you can move forward with grace and focus.

  • Create a more expansive, abundant mindset so you can make decisions from a more grounded, clear, and confident place going forward.

  • Develop an intentional, connection-based lead generation practice to keep your pipeline full of perfect-fit clients and customers.

  • Get high-level perspective on your business trajectory—and if needed, pivot your business to better align with your true calling.

Energetics Work

  • Notice any upper limit blocks and work through limiting beliefs around success, visibility, self-worth, and more.

  • Clear your money blocks and develop strategies to stop self-sabotaging your success.



Intuitive Business Guidance

  • Receive clarity, answers and strategy for business success

  • Discover hidden profit potential

  • Avoid business decisions that will lead to failure

  • Determine the right time for product launches

  • Gain insight about partnerships, peers, employees or potential hires

  • Get aligned with your high potential and find your authentic success​

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Addressing YOUR Unique Mindset traps 

  • Expand self-awareness, clarity, and confidence 

  • Fear of Failure: preventing you from taking risks or pursuing ambitious goals

  • Perfectionism:  paralysis by analysis, preventing from making decisions or moving forward .

  • Imposter Syndrome: feeling like a fraud or constant doubting and second guessing  

  • Fixed Mindset: closed off, one sided, fixed and resistant to change. 

  • Scarcity Mindset: focusing on limitations and scarcity 

  • Overwhelm: over extended, pulled in many directions, burnout and decision fatigue

  • Comparison Trap: comparing, erode confidence, feelings of inadequacy​


Energetic & Emotional Channeled Clearing

  • Relationship with Money, Time or Self  Worth

  • Lack of Boundaries: saying yes to every opportunity or failing to set boundaries with clients, employees, or even themselves. 

  • Negative Self-Talk: self-criticism eroding self advocacy & self sponsorship 

  • Resistance to Change: clinging, energetic stagnation, reluctance,refusal to adapt 

  • Scattered Energy: lack focus or spread too thin.  energy dispersed across multiple projects or tasks

  • Attachment to Outcomes: overly attached to specific outcomes can create energetic blockages like stress, anxiety, or frustration 

  • Lack of Self-Care: Neglecting  adequate rest, nutrition, exercise, and relaxation  diminished creativity, reduced resilience, and compromised physical and mental health.

  • Unresolved Emotional Baggage: Carrying unresolved past experiences or traumas can create energetic blocks patterns of self-sabotage, difficulty in forming authentic connections, or an inability to trust others, visibility issues.​

Business Colleagues

BONUS: The Awakened Boss Lady Resource Vault

In my coaching practice, I have created hundreds of tools to help women elevate their mindsets and their businesses. As we work together, I’ll provide access to a personalized set of resources for your growth, so you always get exactly the tool you need to take your next step—without the fluff of extra “resources” that don’t actually serve your higher good. 

Align your Strategy, Mindset & Energy For Accelerated Growth & Quantum Success


"Unveiling the Secrets to a Thriving Business”


A - Awaken Your Vision -  Soul Desire & Intention 

L - Lean into Current Reality - Point of Attraction

I - Identify the Gaps -  Self Awareness, Blind spots,        Limitations    

G - Grow with Aligned Strategies - Rewire - Build an      Aligned Approach

N - Navigate & Execute the Path to Success - The New Action Plan. Road Map 

STOP doubting yourself 
STOP playing small
STOP letting uncertainty cap your potential



Liz R.

“I feel lighter…I'VE SHED THE PIECES THAT WERE NO LONGER SERVING ME, and it’s like I’ve taken off 100 pounds… Patty is very intuitive. She knows how to push and pull—all in a way that serves your highest good. If you’re thinking of working with Patty, I’d tell you: You’re late!

Get over here…
Follow the feeling, follow your gut.”

Cassidy D.

“I felt stuck. My business wasn’t going to plan. I felt creatively stifled. Many of my relationships were stilted. I wasn’t allowing myself to experience my full spectrum of emotions, and every part of my life was suffering for it.

Thanks to Patty, I’m learning to trust myself again. I’ve realigned my business with the work I really want to be doing in my life. I’m setting clearer boundaries, asking for what I desire, and constructing my vision from a place of clarity, confidence, and peace.”

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